Tag: Neighborhood


  • Spite

    Spite is a large thoroughfare for the working populace of London. The Many people coming and going makes it a good place for the Couriers, the Urchins, and any thief hopefuls. With so many people coming and going it is eay to remain unseen, and to see …

  • Veilgarden

    The nightlife of London did not die during its decent, in fact there isn't much abound except nightlife. The Veilgarden is primarily residentia, but it is also where anybody who is anybody goes to have a good time, check out the Singing Mandrake …

  • Watchmaker's hill

    Near the dock and overlooking the river, Watchmaker's hill is home to the Society of Menance Erradication. The SME tirelessly keeps the monsterrs at bay, driving the unknown, the unseemly to where it belongs, the darkness.